The Muscle Car Jungle

Muscle cars, those unruly beasts of the mid-sixties to the early seventies that had horsepower to burn, were never meant to be tame. They were aggressive. Uncivilized. The bad boys of the automotive scene.

The 1964 Pontiac GTO is generally acknowledged as the first muscle car, though it could be argued that others, such as the Chrysler 300 series from the mid-fifties actually started the trend. The idea of stuffing a large engine in a smaller car was not new; hot rodders had been doing it for decades. But what was new was that these factory-made vehicles were aimed at the emerging youth market. And as the original Mustang would prove, it was an untapped market with vast potential.

The sixties were a time of great change that would see the birth of dozens of muscle cars, from the Charger to the Torino to the Chevelle. Insurance was cheap, gas was cheaper, and safety and the environment were of little concern. Displacement grew, horsepower increased, and acceleration times dropped. Showroom stock, few could achieve an honest 12-second quarter mile, though most had great potential which could be unlocked with a few simple mods. Something that can't be said for most modern performance cars.

Although today's muscle cars are superior in virtually every way - including brute power and acceleration - the classic generation still holds their appeal. They were fast. They were uncomplicated. And they were the originals.

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